The Big Move


     In Vancouver at my aunt’s house in the backyard. We were just chilling in the backyard and I was watching videos. My dad said to my mom that he said we might not go back to OJCS. We didn’t have any great schools near our apartment so we’d have to move. I got really sad. I didn’t want to leave my apartment because I loved my balcony. I cried and went to hide in the bushes. I didn’t want to go to another school because I liked my friends and the teachers and school were ok. 


     I was young so I didn’t do anything to help but there were a lot of movers and my nana and aunt were there. I was really sad but excited. I know I was going to miss the balcony. My aunts got me food. I was playing with the dolly cart, and my mom yelled at me to get off it. So I went to play basketball on my hoop that was on the door. I went to where I’d colored on my floor with markers and thought how the people who were moving in were going to have to suck it up and deal with it.


     I went to my Nana’s car. I’d never driven in my Nana’s car, and her car was really nice and clean. She was playing country music, which I hate, so I went on my iPad. While we were driving, I saw a lot of leaves because it was spring, and I also saw a lot of our new neighbors and people who were moving houses. 


     I remember seeing a living room that’s empty. I remember feeling nothing. I didn’t have any TVs or Wii or anything, and I was dead. My mom was still helping move all the stuff. She had this spinny chair for a massage. I was spinning on it going down into my room and the living room. I went back and forth until my nana told me to stop.  Then we had dinner and I went to bed.


     I have a dog and a gaming setup. I would only move for highschool. I want to live in a condo or a small house, I don’t like big houses because it’s only me and my mom and if we got a big house we would have so much space that we wouldn’t use.

My passion project

In elective, my class got to do a little project called the passion project. for my passion project, I did Fortnite tutorials on my youtube channel. it was fun. hopefully you guys like the video I made (^人^)


My break

On my break I didn’t do that much. I mostly played fortnite with my friends and I also was sleeping a lot. I never slept like this before. I love sleeping and fortnite so this was a great break. I wish covid didn’t happen because i could of went somewhere else


I went to my nana’s house with my mom for Christmas. I got to see my aunt and my grandma. What sucked is that we had to wear masks the whole time we were there we also usually slept over at my nanas. But we couldn’t this year. Overall Christmas was fun i got a lot of cool presents like led lights and gamer glasses. The gamer glasses wear this nave see thru thing. The lenses wear tinted. And they were very cool. I didn’t do too much but i had a great time

Equality and Equity

In social studies, we learned about children’s rights and human rights. It was very interesting learning about this stuff. When we started the project we learned about equality and equity and I knew what equality was and I thought equality was good for everyone but then we learned about equity. And we learned that equality and equity are good in different situations. Overall I loved this project because we got to make a video about it and be creative with this. 











My Mishpacha

In class I had to do a family project. I did a video of me asking my Zaida and dad question’s about our family. I asked them questions like were was are family originally from and how we ended up here. I also had to learn about my name. I had to practice my interviewing skills. I didn’t learn anything because he always talks about this stuff. I could improve editing I didn’t edit and i think if I could do this project again I would edit it a lot.



Egg head

So for this week me and my class started making a project about a book. The book is called Egghead. We got to do it on different things. Like we could do it on Pixton or make a iMovie. I did mine on Pixton because i like to make comics or cartoons.

I chose the beginning of the book, when everyone was in the gym and Egghead was sniffing at the ground, because it was the first event in the book that introduced the characters. The second event I chose was when Shane took Will’s pants and Will was wearing pink underwear. They were laughing at him and Katie was trying to help him. We see that Will is going to get teased throughout the book. The third event I chose was the science fair. I chose because the science fair was a main event.The fourth event I chose was when Jenna was bullying Katie. The first scene I chose was when the science fair project was due and they were bullying Will and Shane broke his science project. 

The sixth and seventh scene I chose was when Will and Katie were talking. I find the talking scenes interesting. The eighth scene I chose was when Will has an accident at the hospital and Katie tries to comfort him and tell him he’s going to be ok. The ninth scene Devan and Katie are at the hospital to make sure Will is ok. They obviously care about him. The tenth scene it’s the end of the story and Devan and Katie like each other.

If I did this project again I would make a iMovie. I was going to make an iMovie but it was a bit hard. Looking back, I think I could do it. 

What I learned about this project. I learned that you should not follow people and you should be a leader. You should stick up for people and don’t be a bystander. 


Here is what I did