6 thoughts on “My Avatar

  1. Hey Jaxon.
    I really like the background and layout of your blog. Its very unique and a cool thing that’s separates you blog from others I’ve seen.

  2. Jaxon,
    I like your pick for your avatar. I have brown hair, but I dye it blonde. I actually have very short hair for a female. Do you wear glasses? Wearing suits everyday sounds pretty fancy! You must love clothes!

    I teach 5th grade students in Arizona, USA. We haven’t done avatars yet this year because we only have a class blog. I’ve used Voki.com in the past. They are fun because you can make them talk!

    I look forward to reading your future posts,
    Mrs. Moore

  3. Hi Jaxon-

    Do your shaded glasses mean you have transition lenses that change when you go outside ? I have those too! Your background has some super bright colors. Keep writing it seems like you have quite a fan club !

    ~Ms F

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