The Big Move


     In Vancouver at my aunt’s house in the backyard. We were just chilling in the backyard and I was watching videos. My dad said to my mom that he said we might not go back to OJCS. We didn’t have any great schools near our apartment so we’d have to move. I got really sad. I didn’t want to leave my apartment because I loved my balcony. I cried and went to hide in the bushes. I didn’t want to go to another school because I liked my friends and the teachers and school were ok. 


     I was young so I didn’t do anything to help but there were a lot of movers and my nana and aunt were there. I was really sad but excited. I know I was going to miss the balcony. My aunts got me food. I was playing with the dolly cart, and my mom yelled at me to get off it. So I went to play basketball on my hoop that was on the door. I went to where I’d colored on my floor with markers and thought how the people who were moving in were going to have to suck it up and deal with it.


     I went to my Nana’s car. I’d never driven in my Nana’s car, and her car was really nice and clean. She was playing country music, which I hate, so I went on my iPad. While we were driving, I saw a lot of leaves because it was spring, and I also saw a lot of our new neighbors and people who were moving houses. 


     I remember seeing a living room that’s empty. I remember feeling nothing. I didn’t have any TVs or Wii or anything, and I was dead. My mom was still helping move all the stuff. She had this spinny chair for a massage. I was spinning on it going down into my room and the living room. I went back and forth until my nana told me to stop.  Then we had dinner and I went to bed.


     I have a dog and a gaming setup. I would only move for highschool. I want to live in a condo or a small house, I don’t like big houses because it’s only me and my mom and if we got a big house we would have so much space that we wouldn’t use.